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Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer

RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer Product Demonstration

Important benefits include:

  • Operates at room temperature
  • Maintains material properties
  • No residuals
  • No aeration time required
  • Shorter cycle time
  • Free standing unit
  • No hazardous bi-product
  • Safer than Ethylene Oxide
  • Fully scalable to meet customer needs
Attribute Noxilizer RTS 360 Typical EO System
Chamber Capacity 360 Liters 2200 Liters
Standard Cycle Time 80 Minutes 12-18 Hours*
Manufacturing to Release Time On-Site, Immediate Use Off-Site, 12-25 Day Turnaround
* Not including preconditioning & aeration

The Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer has a line of consumables that are required to operate the Nitrogen Dioxide-based system.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dioxide in 1 lb. bottles
  • Self-contained biological indicators with G. stearothermophilus
  • Proprietary chemical indicators
  • Scrubber material that is landfill safe

What does this mean for Noxilizer's customers?

  • No need to use expensive materials to accommodate sterilization process.
  • Decreased sterilization time leads to reduced inventory carrying costs.
  • Manufacturers can bring sterilization back in house because NO2 is not carcinogenic, mutagenic, explosive AND no special construction is required.
  • Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer is available for contract sterilization, as well as installation in your manufacturing facility.

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