Ryuichi Iwasaki

Is a 30 year engineering professional recognized for his systems engineering, product development and leadership abilities. He has held leadership positions at several notable Japanese companies including Babcock-Hitachi and Noritsu Koki. His software development and system engineering contributions led to the creation of Noritsu Koki’s best-selling digital photofinishing system, an instant blockbuster. As General Manager at Noritsu Koki, he also organized a collaborative project with Eastman Kodak Company in U.S. to co-develop and commercialize the first photofinishing system. Most recently, he served as a Founder and CEO of SAIAN, which became Noxilizer Japan KK in March 2013, following acquisition by Noxilizer, Inc. Mr. Iwaskai has been recognized for his engineering expertise and leadership by the JSME (The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers) as an award recipient. Mr. Iwasaki holds a Bachelor of Engineering and a Master of Engineering from the University of Osaka Prefecture. He is based in Wakayama, Japan.

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