RTS 360

Noxilizer RTS 360™ Industrial NO2 Sterilizer

RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer Product Demonstration

NO2 sterilization is a safer, simpler, more economical alternative to traditional sterilization. Regain control of product inventory and reduce costs with the Noxilizer RTS 360™ Industrial NO2 sterilizer, the first in the series.

The RTS 360 is a compact, stand alone room temperature sterilizer with a working capacity of 360 liters. The sterilizer uses Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) gas as a sterilant at temperatures in the range 18°C to 30°C. It has been designed to sterilize prefilled syringes, drug-device combination products, medical devices and equipment parts.

Key Features:

  • Stainless steel chamber with working capacity 360 liters (12.7 cu.ft.)
  • Single or double door, pass through models
  • Typical vacuum process cycle time 80–120 minutes, load to unload
  • Cycle flexibility includes: ambient cycles and with or without humidity
  • Simple installation, no facility modifications required

Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Consumables

The Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer has a line of consumables that are required to operate the Nitrogen Dioxide-based system.

  • Liquid Nitrogen Dioxide in 1 lb. bottles
  • Self-contained biological indicators with G. stearothermophilus
  • Proprietary chemical indicators
  • Scrubber material that is landfill safe

Benefits to Noxilizer customers

  • No need to use expensive materials to accommodate sterilization process.
  • Decreased sterilization time leads to reduced inventory carrying costs.
  • Manufacturers can bring sterilization back in house because NO2 is not carcinogenic, mutagenic, explosive AND no special construction is required.
  • Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer is available for contract sterilization, as well as installation in your manufacturing facility.

To learn more about the Noxilizer RTS 360 Industrial NO2 Sterilizer, contact info@noxilizer.com.