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Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization: The CEO's View

Medical Plastics News interviews Noxilizer’s president and CEO Lawrence Bruder on N02 sterilization and Noxilizer’s growth.


Sterilizing with Nitrogen Dioxide
Comparison of Safety-Related Properties for NO2 & EO

N02 Sterilization: A Flexible Solution for Prefilled Syringes

N02 is a non-condensing gas, and as such, it can be an excellent sterilization choice for lumens, needles, and other challenging geometries in comparison to condensing vapor systems.

Nitrogen Dioxide Sterilization Supports Innovation in Medical Device Market

Traditional sterilization methods continue to serve the industry; however, manufacturers with sensitive products and interest in greater efficiency now have another sterilization option.

Chart of Sterilization Methods Comparisons

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