RTS™ Sterilizer Product Line

Noxilizer offers sterilizers ranging from chamber sizes of 400 liters to 16,000 liters. We work with our customers to identify the right size unit for you based on packaging size, annual volume now and in the future. Other features of RTS™ sterilizers include:

  • Single and double door models available
  • Typical cycle time 2-6 hours, including aeration, leading to increased efficiency
  • Minimal vacuum cycle available for pressure-sensitive products
  • Scrubber captures NO2 gas after cycle is complete, protects the environment
  • Sensors throughout the sterilizer to ensure safety
  • CE mark
RTS™ Sterilizer

NOX FLEX™ Biodecontamination Product Line

Noxilizer’s NOX FLEX™ Biodecontamination platform decontaminates a wide range of equipment and devices used in bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing, biomedical research and other industrial applications requiring bioburden reduction or sterilization. Product line includes: the NOX FLEX™ for isolators, the NOX FLEX™ Passport for airlocks and pass-through chambers and the BDA 20×20 for syringe tubs entering the filling line. Key features include:

  • NO2 is a true gas, not a vapor, allows for decontamination of complex loads and equipment
  • Half the total process time compared to HPV
  • Aeration via scrubber module
  • Gas concentration sensor for real time process monitoring and safety

BDA 20×20

The BDA 20×20 offers a robust and cost-effective NO2 decontamination process for tubs entering low and medium speed filling lines. Key features include:

  • Processes 20 tubs in 20 minutes
  • Sterilizes under the tub flap
  • Validated cycle
  • No residuals after decontamination
BDA 20x20